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Jerry Penley, Penjacc The late Jerry Penley magnificent Penley website
House-of Burgesses,1619 Proceedings of the Virginia Assembly, 1619
Virtual Jamestown 1624/5 Virginia Muster
Pirates-on-the Chesapeake Excellent source on Kent Island & William Claiborne
Maryland Archives Constantly adding new info...
Maryland-Oysters William Pinley...he would have gathered Oysters for his liveing Penley Sturman Calver
Maryland-License to-Leave Pinley & Sturman, allowed to leave Maryland
Maryland: Skordas-&-Gibb Immigrants to Maryland Index, with notes!
Jefferson Papers Image 256 Records of the Virginia Company, Vol.4, Image 256 contains Edward Hill's letters to
G.H.O.T.E.S. Eastern Shore: Expert info on Accomack/Northampton County
Bona-Nova Thomas Jefferson Papers, Records of the Virginia Company
SW Virginia Timeline
Canady, Samuel 1818 Scott Co. PPTL
Generation I William & Elizabeth (Hill) Pinley, Maryland & Virginia William Pinley (Penley)Maryland 1638 Married Elizabeth Hill Hannah Boyle Spelman Moun
Generation I Hannah Boyle Hill Spelman Mountney Hannah Boyle Hill Spelman Mountney Bona Nova Lancaster Northampton Accomack Kecoughto
Generation II Orphan Thomas & Elizabeth Penley Orphan Thomas Penley Northampton Virginia Maryland Cromp Crump Lancaster Northumberla
Generation III William & Mary Pinley, Richmond Co. Virginia William Penley bought land from his widowed mother Elizabeth Penley Harrison Richmond
Generation IV Thomas & Sarah (Stone) Penley, Northumberland Co., Virginia Thomas & Sarah Stone Penley North Farnham Parish Northumberland Richmond Co. Virginia
Generation V: Thomas & Milley Penley, Washington, Co. Virginia Epp's Daddy! Born North Farnham Parish, Northumberland Virginia. The elusive Thomas
Generation VI: Epp & Tempie Penley of Scott Co. Virginia Epaphroditus & Temperance Penley settled in Russell/Scott Co. Virginia along Copper C
Generation VII: Hiram & Rachel (Bays) Penley, Scott Co. Virginia Generation VI: Hiram & Rachel (Bays) Penley, Scott Co. Virginia
Table of Contents Penley Pinley Pendley Hill Spelman Mountney Crump Sturman Harrison Stone Lane Kilgore
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