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The Horne Side: Ancestry of Helen Horne Penley

Aunt Inez Horne Mullis

Aunt Inez and Uncle James Mullis

Aunt Inez was the first of Bess and Frank's children born after their move to Nickelsville. Nanny or Nancy Inez Horne was born October 26, 1916, probably in the little Bond house. Aunt Inez was high spirited, spunky and fun to be around, perhaps the most entertaining of Helen's sisters. Inez left Nickelsville around 1935 to find work away from a farm in Kingsport. Inez met James Henry Mullis there; he had moved in from Texas. They married on May 22, 1937 in Gate City. Uncle James was born in Tucumcari, New Mexico on May 4, 1915. He was the son of postmaster Mosco Arlington and Carrie Mullis. After many years of marriage, Inez and James divorced in the 1960s. Uncle James passed away October 21, 1998 in Tuscon.

We had a delightful reunion with Aunt Inez in Lubbock, Texas in 1963. She paid attention to every detail of our dress, Karen felt like a movie star with Inez's scarfs and sunglasses. Inez was a practical nurse and a hard worker, she held a variety of jobs.

In many ways Helen and Inez understood each other's way of thinking, and Helen was devastated at her untimely death on November 24, 1969. She had traveled from her home in Taos, New Mexico to visit all folks in Nickelsville. She was killed by a drunk driver near Knoxville, on her way home. At the time of her death she owned an antique store in Taos.

Inez and Helen tried to synchronize their trips home to Nickelsville so they could visit, but Inez was not able to get in often. James and Inez had two sons, both born in Kingsport. Wayne Ivan Mullis was born December 22, 19XX,  married Monteen first, and second Anita. Myron Franklin Mullis was born March 14, 19XX, married Patsy Lou Mosier, and second married Dorothy Jean Lynes. They were older than most of the other Horne cousins, but we remember good visits with them at Uncle Charles' house in the 1950s.  Helen was especially honored that her nephew Wayne traveled to Florida for Jane and Kevin's wedding in 2012.

Wayne played drums for Roy Orbison for his "Peggy Sue" record.  

There are more references to Aunt Inez in The Horne Family History.