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The Horne Side: Ancestry of Helen Horne Penley

Aunt Gladys Horne Wampler

Aunt Gladys and Uncle Herbert F. Wampler

Gladys Irene Horne was born in Nickelsville on June 24, 1919. She married Herbert Fred Wampler around 1937. No marriage date is found for Gladys, but she found a good man in Uncle Herbert, and persuaded her mother to sign consent papers to marry before her eighteenth birthday in 1937. Herbert was the son of Quannie Eva Fletcher and Arnold Gilbert Wampler.

Gladys and Herbert had one son, Billy Arnold Wampler, born in 1943. Bill married JoAnn Counts who was a tremendous help to Gladys in caring for Granddaddy and Granny Horne in their declining years. Their daughter, Lisa Kay Wampler married Sammy Parks, now Principal of Yuma Elementary School. Lisa cooked up a fine country feast after the 2006 Nickelsville Tour, JoAnn and Gladys sure taught their girl how to handle a kitchen.

For most of their last twenty years, Bess and Frank lived with Aunt Gladys and Uncle Herbert. Gladys carried the heaviest load in caring for them, but she wouldn't hear of them living anywhere else. Aunt Gladys was the only Horne daughter who remained on a farm as an adult, but Uncle Herbert rarely had Gladys out in the fields. She managed the house, cared for Billy and her aging parents and Mr. and Mrs. Wampler as well. Bill later married Dorothy Gilmer. We lost Herbert in 1985 and Aunt Gladys on April 28, 1992.