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Generation XII: Joey & Jane

Jane's Quilt Story

This is another of our family treasures that began as a school assignment. Jane was asked to write a "Tall Tale" and she chose to enhance stories she had heard regarding the prolific quilting of her Great Grandmother Horne. BessieJane Tall TaleThis assignment was completed entirely at school, so we were all astounded to hear that Granny's quilts had formed a dam and then a bridge across the Mississippi River. Louisiana could use some of Granny Horne's quilts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


Transcription: My mother has told me a story over and over again. It’s about my great grandmother Bessie Horne, who was the best seamstress in the world. She could sew a quilt in less than 5 minutes. She also sewed all the clothes for her town, she lived on the Mississippi River. One day Bessie was on her way to get more supplies when she came upon a lady in desperate need of a new dress, so in 10 minutes Bessie sewed a beautiful new dress. About a week later, there was the biggest oil spill in the world. Everybody worked hard to clean up. Finally it was all cleaned up. But there was another problem, everyone who helped had to have new clothes! That’s where Bessie came in. She finished all the clothes for the whole town in less than five (5) hours. The Mississippi River flooded once and almost wiped out the whole town. Bessie collected all the quilts she had made for the town. With her needle flying fast, she sewed them all together and made a dam that saved the town When the water went down, the piles of muddy quilts dried and hardened in the sun. It became the very first bridge across the Mississippi River so the town called it Bessie’s Bridge and to this day the local people still call it that. The End.
Jane's picture of Granny HorneBessie
Granny Horne and Uncle CharlesUncle Charles & Granny