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Generation VII: The 14 Children of Epp & Temperance Penley

Son of Ira: James Monroe Penley

James Monroe Penley, son of Ira Penley & Anna Bays, married Eliza Williams

Anna Martha Penley was the daughter of 'Monroe' Penley & Eliza Williams

Anna Martha Penley married Charles Hagan Lowe

Stella Mae Lowe was the daughter of Anna Penley & Charles Lowe

Stella Lowe married Rufus Penley, son of Samuel Penley & Priscilla Price

Stella Mae Lowe was the daughter of Anna Martha Penley (1881 - January 13, 1947) and Charles Hagan Lowe (1880 - February 12, 1962) of Manville and later Mabe, Scott County. Grandpa Charles Lowe was the son of John Wesley Lowe and Biddie Stowe. Grandpa Lowe was a kind and gentle man who took great joy from life. Mitch was "Big Chief," Grandpa was "Little Chief". When he visited Florida he was gleeful at the sight of the "big pond" that others called the Atlantic Ocean. He romped in the waves with the kids till his longjohns gave out. At the age of 82, he was killed by a truck as he walked along the road. 

Anna's father was James Monroe Penley, who went by the name Monroe, the son of Ira and Anna Bays Penley. Grandmother Anna was the second child of Monroe and Eliza Williams Penley of Manville. Our line of Penleys actually descends from two of Epp and Tempy’s children, Hiram, born 1816, and Ira, born 1817. Over a hundred years later, Ira’s great granddaughter, Stella Lowe would marry Hiram’s grandson, Rufus Penley. Eliza died in 1916, Monroe lived until 1936. Monroe was literate, and owned a farm near Manville by 1900.

Monroe and Eliza's Penley's Children:
1. Lydia Elizabeth Penley (1878 - 1948) married William T. Lowe
2. Anna Martha Penley (1880 - 1947) married Charles H. Lowe
3. Barbara Penley (1882 - 1883)
4. Jincy Ellen Penley (1884 - after 1945) married Early Moore
5. Flora E. Penley (1885 - 1967) married Worley Moore
6. Isaac Hayden Penley (1890 - 1891)
7. James Harvey Penley (1892 - 1978) married Elizabeth Gilly
8. Jerry Milburn Penley (1894 - 1965) married Clara Ivy Penley

Anna Lowe was only sixteen when Stella was born, and Stella was raised more at her grandparents' home. Stella is listed on the 1900 and 1910 Census living with Monroe and Eliza Penley in Manville. Monroe and Eliza's sons, Jimmy and Jerry were barely older than Stella, and she grew up very attached to both Uncle Jimmy and Uncle Jerry. All of Monroe's family attended the nearby school. 

A favorite on Stella's side was Uncle Jerry. He became extremely close friends with Stella's husband. Rufus and Jerry had many adventures together, even more so after Stella died. Both loved to hunt and fish, they traveled to Florida a few times to visit us. Uncle Jerry learned to love oysters at Mitch and Helen's table. Uncle Jerry's son Charles went down on The Hornet in 1942, sunk by the Japanese in the Pacific in World War II. 

Later on, we spent less time with Grandmother Stella's side of the family, perhaps because of her death in 1955. Uncle Jimmy's son Harry Penley was the Clerk of Court in Scott County for 32 years, and has shared much information about the Penley history from his records. In 2011, Harry published his research, Epaphroditus Penley Family Tree.  Mitch and Helen lived near Aunt Flora at times between 1946 and 1950 in Neon, Kentucky. 

When Mitch was stationed as a Marine in California, he often visited his nearby Aunt Jincy Moore when he had liberty. She welcomed him and his buddies with open arms and a full table of good familiar food. A whole gang of Penleys showed up at the Marine base in California to bring Mitch Sunday dinner during the war. You know how happy he was to see them. He wrote about the visit in another letter to Alpha (Strong) Collings.

June 25, 1944
Hi Alphy,
"...Uncle Jerry Penley, Ann, Glen, Eliza Ethel, Uncle Early Moore, Aunt Jincy, Lillian and Leon were to see me last Sunday. They brought dinner. I really enjoyed seeing all of them and had a swell dinner. We had fried chicken, green beans, potato salad and pies and cake. That potato salad was good..."