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Generation VII: The 14 Children of Epp & Temperance Penley

James Newton Penley

Here he is....Rich Scherer's Grandpa! James Newton Penley, the son of Epp and Tempie Penley, the Great X3 Uncle of PenleyPearls. James was a circuit riding Methodist minister around Lee/Scott/Russell/Washington County, Virginia. Thanks go to Rich Scherer and Don Lane for the photo.

James Newton Penley, son of Epp, brother of Hiram and Ira


Rev. James N. Penley

James Newton Penley was born in 1831, the 11th child of Epaphroditus (Epp) and Temperance Penley of Scott County, Virginia, he died 3 Jun 1893 in Drayden, Lee Co., Virginia. Very little is know about his childhood. About 1850/51 James married Louisa Patience Hood. She was born, 15 Sep 1833, in Green Co., Tennessee to Dutton Hood born 27 Jan 1811 in Virginia died 09 Apr 1890, Sullivan Co., TN. and Nancy Lane, born 1810, in Tennessee, died Jun 1850, Sullivan Co., TN. James was a circuit Methodist Minister. The influence of his father-in-law, Dutton Hood who was also a Methodist Minister, probably played an important part of why James became a minister. He ministered in Scott and Lee Counties, Virginia as well as Estell and Wolfe Counties, Kentucky. James and Louisa had nine children: Siramanda, Mary, Nancy, Sally, Ira, John, James Louisa and Alfred

John C. & Sarah Penley Hall
(photo circa 1915)

1. Siramanda Penley aka Sarah, born 1852, Copper Ridge, Scott Co., Virginia, died, 23 Jan 1918, Big Lick, Russell Co., Virginia. Siramanda married


(1) Jacob Oakley they had one child: Susan born in Pennington Gap, Lee Co., Virginia. Susan married Jeremy Claypool.



(2) John Calvin Hall, born 15 Mar 1856 in Smyth Co., Virginia, the son of Ablolem A. and Elizabeth Jane Hall. John died 29 Aug 1935 in Big Lick, Russell Co., VA. they had three children: a. John Palmer Hall, b. Linden Harrison Hall and c. Olga Margaret Hall all born in Coopers WV.


a. John Palmer Hall, b. 14 Sep 1855 in Coopers, WV. d. 25 Mar 1953 in Richlands, VA. John married Ava Robinette 23 Oct 1910 in Pounding Mill, Russell Co., VA, b. 16 Feb 1887 in W.V. Ava was the daughter of Robert Robinette and Josephine Phillips. Ava died 13 Jul 1960 Richlands, Tazewell Co., VA. John and Ava had six children I. John, II. Sally, III. Charlie, IV. Josephine Emily, V. Louise, and VI. William
I. John Hall, b. 6 Sep 1911 in Big Lick, Russell Co., VA, d. Jul 1991 in Swords Creek, Russell Co., VA. John married Mary Byrd in 1931, they had three children, i. Fraser, ii. James, iii. Earl.
i. Fraser Hall, married Wilma Horton, they had three children, Vicki, Brian and Matthew
ii. James Hall, married Carolyn Robinette
iii. Earl Hall
II. Sally Hall, born 9 Mar 1915 in Big Lick, Russell Co., VA. Sally married William Arrington on 8 Dec 1934, they have six children, i. Bob, ii. Fred, iii. Howard, iv. Ted, v. Willard and vi. Norman.
i. Bob Arrington married Beulah Keene
ii. Fred Arrington
iii. Howard Arrington married Anne Keyes
iv. Ted Arrington, Sr. married Jewell Smith they had two children Ted Jr. and Anthony
v. Willard Arrington
vi. Norman Arrington married Charlotte Baker they have two children Vincent and Norma
III. Charlie Hall, b. 30 Apr 1916, d. 1982 in a boating accident in NC. Charlie married Maggie Brown they have four children i. Robert, ii. Darrell, iii., Elizabeth, iv. Unknown Hall.
iv. Unknown Hall, died in a boating accident 1982 in NC married Minnie Peak b. Abt. 1934 the daughter of Wiley James Peak and Lula Mildred Penley.
IV. Josephine Emily Hall, b. 4 Mar 1918 in Big Lick, Russell Co., VA She married Martin Spade May 1936
V. Louise Hall, b. 18 Jan 1922 she married Andrew Wicks they had eight children, i. Otis, ii. Delmer, iii. Alfred, iv. Edgar, v. Virginia, vi. Dolly, vii. Carolyn, viii. Betty
i. Otis Wicks married Gaynell Cantrell
ii. Delmer Wicks married Shelby Vance
iii. Alfred Wicks married Sharon Saunders
iv. Edgar Wicks married a Vance
v. Virginia Wicks married Bill Sparks
vi. Dolly Wicks
vii. Carolyn Wicks married A. Southern
viii. Betty Wicks married Dennis Goodman
VI. William Hall, b. 13 Jul 1930, in Swords Creek, Russell Co., VA, d. 06 Jan 1989 in Swords Creek, Russell Co., VA. He married Sylvia Sisk 23 Nov 1956. They had one son Ronnie.
Ronnie Hall married Phyllis Brown 24 Oct 1986, the daughter of Claude Brown and Emily Byrd.
b. Linden Harrison Hall, b. 4 Mar 1891 in Coopers, WV, d. 4 Jul 1967 Roanoke, VA, he married Nellie Olivia Thomas, they had four children, I. Helen, II. Katherine, III Sadie, IV. Ruth.
I. Helen Hall, born in Norton, Wise Co., VA, she married Don Stallard who died before 1996. They had one daughter Nancy.
II. Katherine Hall, born in Norton, Wise Co., VA, she married Gene Tommerdahl who died before 1996. They had two sons, Eric Tommerdahl and Dale Tommerdahl.
III.Sadie Hall, born in Norton, Wise Co., VA, she married John Mason.
IV.Ruth Hall, b. 10 jul 1923 in Norton, Wise Co., VA, she married Robert Garland.
c. Olga Margaret Hall, b. 17 Jun 1892 in Coopers, WV, d. 23 Jan 1963, Richlands, Tazewell, Co., VA, she married George W. Plaster 11 Feb 1913, d. 24 Mar 1963, Richlands, Tazewell Co., VA. George was the son of John J. Plaster and Hannah Rebecca Alexander. Olga and George had four children I. Stanley, II. Linden, III. Sherman, IV. Vivian.
I. Stanley Clinton Plaster, b. 10 Apr 1914 in Raven, Russell Co., VA, d. 12 Mar 1977 Richlands, Tazewell Co., VA, he married Delcie V. Dye 2 Nov 1938. They had two sons i. Jerry and ii. Leslie.
i. Jerry Plaster, b. 23 Dec 1940, he married Peggy Johnson. Jerry and Peggy had two children Todd and Rosetta
ii. Leslie Wayne Plaster, b. 5 Apr 1943, he married Joan Voss. They had two children Tim and Cristin
II. Linden Bascom Plaster b. 17 May 1915 in Raven, Russell Co., VA, d. 4 Sep 1967, Richlands, Tazewell Co., VA
III. Sherman Plaster, b. 18 Sep 1918 in Big Lick, Russell Co., VA, d. 16 May 1976 in Richlands, Tazewell Co., VA, he married Mamie Stump 17 Jun 1942. They had two children i. Brenda, and ii. Randall.
i. Brenda Plaster, b. 6 Mar 1944.
ii. Randall Plaster, b. 18 Jan 1948, d. 18 apr 1987.
IV.Vivian Plaster, b. 29 Aug 1923 in Swords Creek, Russell Co., VA, on 21 May 1941 she married Claude Ellis Boyd, b. 23 Jan 1918 in Swords Creek, Russell Co., VA in Bristol, Sullivan Co., TN, d. 22 Dec 1995, Richlands, Tazewell Co., VA. His father was Silas William Boyd, Jr. his mother Martha Caroline Dye. Vivian and Claude had three children i. Lowell, ii. Lois, iii. Rita, and iv. Connie.
i. Lowell Claude Boyd, b. 23 Jun 1942, Richlands, Tazewell, Co., VA, married (1) Donna Williamson, 8 Aug 1964, (2) Alice Faye Honaker 1994.
The children of Lowell Claude Boyd and Donna Williamson are:
Melissa Boyd, b. 2 Jul 1965, she married Denzin Hays. They have one child Sarah Kaytlin Hays
Stephanie Lynn Boyd, b. 27 Apr 1968, she married Gregory Copen
Rebecca Anne Boyd, b. 10 Apr 1972. On 19 Jun 1995 she married Brian Ratliff.
ii. Lois Priscilla Boyd, b. 4 Apr 1944 Swords Creek, Russell Co., VA, she married Harold E. McGlothlin on 15 Jan 1965, they have two children Stacey and Jeremy.
Stacey McGlothlin, b. 17 Mar 1966, she has two children Michael McGlothlin and Jamie McGlothlin.
Jeremy McGlothlin, b. 4 Oct 1969, he married Taunya Creech. They have two children Audrey Jenelle McGlothlin and Shauntelle McGlothlin.
iii. Rita Geri Boyd, b 18 Dec 1945 in Swords Creek, Russell Co., VA, she married James P. Ward on 18 Oct 1963, they have two children Jamie and Jessica.
Jamie Ward, b. 4 Mar 1967, she married Tony Preseley in Mar 1990
Jessica Ward, b. 14 Dec 1981
iv. Connie Sue Boyd, b. 27 Sep 1957 Richlands, Tazewell Co., VA, she married (1) Michael Collins 20 Sep 1975, (2) Glenn Comer on 27 Mar 1990.
The child of Connie Sue Boyd and Michael Collins is:
Lori Allyson Collins married Bradley Sheppard on 10 Dec 1994

2. Mary Jane Penley, born 14 Apr 1854, Little Mocassin, Scott Co., Virginia, died before 1888. Mary Jane married Raleigh W. Marrs aka Rolly.

3. Nancy E. Penley, born 10 Mar 1857, Copper Ridge, Scott Co., Virginia.

4. Sally Penley, 30 Jun 1858, Crab Orchard, Lee Co., Virginia, died 09 Jan 1923, Green Garden, Russell Co., Virginia. Sally married J.C. Hall.

5. Ira Ingle Penley, born 14 May 1861, Crab Orchard, Lee Co., Virginia, died 28 Feb 1910, Rose Hill, Lee Co., Virginia. Ira married Mary Malinda Harris, 24 Jun 1884, Rose Hill, Lee Co., Virginia. Mary was the daughter of Samuel E. Harris and Hannah Lawson. Mary was born 22 Jan 1857, Tazewell, Claiborne Co., Tennessee, died 03 Jul 1938, Wickliffe, Ohio. Ira was a farmer and carpenter in Lee Co., Virginia. Ira was helping build a house when he slipped and fell while working on the roof truses. One of the truses came up between his legs when he fell and injured him so severely that he was confined to bed and died about a month later. Ira and Mary had seven children: i. Cora, ii. John, iii James, iv. Francis, v. Minnie, vi. Doshia, and vii. William.

The Children of Ira Ingle Penley and Mary Malinda Harris
L-R: (Wm. “Mike”), Francis, Doshia, John and (James “Sam”)
Not shown: Cora and Minnie  Photo taken circa April, 1947

I. Cora Margaret Penley, born 19 May 1885, Rose Hill, Lee Co., VA, died 28 Mar 1947, she married (1)William Edds b. Dec 1886 in Rose Hill, Lee Co., VA, d. before 1911. William was the son of John Roe Edds and Sarah Catherine Marcum Cora and William were married in 1903 in VA. No children born to this union. Cora married (2)John Pace 1911, in Horton, Brown Co., KS. Cora and John had four children, i. Vera, ii. Bernice, iii. Esther and iv. Geraldine.

i. Vera Malinda Pace, maried Russell R. Sitler, Sr., b. 17 Feb 1908, d. 9 Dec 1980, they had three children Russell, Jr., Mary, and Barbara.
Russell R. Sitler, Jr.
Mary Margaret Sitler, married Robert Parrot they had one daughter Elizabeth
Elizabeth Malinda Parrot, married Anthony F. Koprivec and they had a daughter Toni Koprivec who married Shawn Cole
Barbara Jean Sitler, b. 4 Dec 1935, d. 9 Sep 1954, she married an Atkins about 1953 and they had two daughters, Deborah Sitler and Barbara Jean Stiler. Barbara was born 9 Sep 1954.
ii. Bernice Pace married Wilber Carroll
iii. Esther Pace married George Bole
iv. Geraldine Pace married Bud Wissman

II. John Evans Penley, b. 1 May 1887, Rose Hill, Lee Co., VA, d. 6 feb 1965 in Plansville, Lake Co., Ohio, on 25 Jun 1905 he married Ina Johnson aka Dorcy, b. 22 Mar 1887 in VA, d. 3 Mar 1961 in Willoughby, Lake Co., Ohio. Ina was the daughter of William Patton Johnson and Mary Blankenship. John and Ina had five children, i. Elsie, ii. Lawrence, iii. Lee Roy, iv. Glen, v. Lucille.

i. Elsie Jean Penley aka Jenny, b. 19 Jul 1906 Wise Co., VA, d. 10 Oct 1990 Cleveland, Ohio. On 18 Aug 1926, she married Elbert Dallas Cooper, in Cumberland Gap, TN, b. 23 Apr 1902 Lee Co., VA, d. 9 Aug 1947 in Lee Co., VA. Elbert was the son of Hindo Cooper and Lisa Sprinker. Elsie and Elbert had two children, a. Johnny and b. Cleola.
a. Johnny Ronzel Cooper, Sr. aka Jack Sr., b. 11 Aug 1928 in Osaka, Wise Co., VA, he married Mary Avenell Sharp on 23 Jun 1952 in Decatur, Indiana. Mary was b. 22 Nov 1934 in Athens, Ohio. Her parents were George Sharpe and Alma Johnson. Johnny and Mary had two children, Deborah and Johnny, Jr.
Deborah Ann Cooper, 7 Jul 1953 in Plainesville, Lake Co., OH, she married Terry Sperino on 1 Jun 1974. They had two children Michelle Marie Sperino b. 28 Dec 1974 and Stacy Lynn Sperino b. 8 Jan 1982.
Johnny Ronzel Cooper, Jr. aka Jack Jr., b. Aug 1957 in Euclid, Lake Co., OH, he married Linda Noroni on 17 Sep 1988.
b. Cleola Joy Cooper, b. 3 Jan 1932, she married Earl Ray

ii. Lawrence Bueford Penley, 21 Jun 1910, Jonesville, Lee Co., VA, d. 11 Oct 1982, Mentor, Lake Co., OH, he married (1)Roxie Galloway 15 Nov 1926 in Cumberland Gap, TN, she was born 3 Feb 1911, d. 22 Jun 1958 in Big Stone Gap, Scott Co., VA, Lawrence and Roxie had one son, a. Delmar Garnet Penley (2) married Doris M. Hannaford 20 Nov 1929, in Ripley, NY. Doris b. 23 Dec 1911 in Cleveland, OH she is the daughter of Roy M. Hannaford and Laura Van Dusen.. Lawrence and Doris had six children, b. Beatrice, c. Roy Lee, d. Pauline, e. Kenneth, f. Marilynn and g. David.
a. Delmar Garnet Penley, b. 17 Feb 1928 in Osaka, Wise Co., VA, he married Jewel Mullins, b. 2 Mar 1932, d. 1971. Delmar and Jewel had five children, aa. Brenda, ab. Rhonda, ac. Deborah, ad. Marlenna and ae. Delmar.
aa. Brenda Sue Penley, b. 4 Oct 1948, d. 30 Dec 1948.
ab. Rhonda Kay Penley, b. 27 Apr 1950 She married (1)Robert Clinger, Sr., they had three children Angie, Cheri, Robert Jr., (2) Gary Wright they had one child Heather.
Angie Clinger married (1)Dragus they had one child, Ashlie Lorren Dragus.
Cheri Clinger had one daughter Samantha Clinger
Robert Clinger, Jr., b. 10 Nov 1971
Heather Kay Wright, b. 28 Jul 1986
ac. Deborah Diane Penley, 1 Aug 1953, she married (1)George Birch, Sr. they had four children Tracy, George, James, Deidra. (2) John Skokan
Tracy Irene Birch, b. 29 Jul 1969
George Birch, Jr., b. 6 Sep 1970
James Birch, 1 Apr 1971
Deidra Ann Birch, b. 27 Aug 1973
ad. Marlenna Ray Penley, b. 10 Jul 1955 Married (1)Stephen Schindler they have three children Hope, Steven, Windy. (2)Chet Boudreau they have a son Adam
Hope Schindler, b. 20 Nov 1975
Steven Schindler, b. 13 Jun 1980
Windy Jo Schindler, b. 4 Dec 1983
Adam Robert Boudreau, b. 31 May 1988
ae. Delmar Lee Penley, b. 10 Feb 1959 Plainesville, Lake Co., OH. He married (1)Veronica Ferrot they had one daughter April. (2)Regina Penley the daughter of Charles and Stella Penley – no children. (3)married Betty Hindershot on 19 Jul 1979, she was born 22 Feb 1933, they had two children Joseph and Anne.
April Ruth Penley, b. 23 Sep 1979
Joseph Penley, 1984 (twin)
Anne Penley, 1984 (twin)
b. Beatrice Helen Penley, b. 15 Dec 1930, Wickliffe, Lake Co., OH, d. 18 Mar 1931, Wickliffe, Lake Co., OH
c. Roy Lee Penley, 15 Apr 1932, he married Mary Margaret Caplin on 14 Dec 1957 in Willoughby, Lake Co, OH, the daughter of Lawrence and Rose Caplin. They had four children Linda, Doreen, Sandra and Sharon.
Linda Marie Penley, b. 19 Oct 1958, Takoma Park, MD. She married Steven Michael Hahn on 6 Jun 1982 in Silver Springs, MD, he is the son of Franklin Dennis Hahn and Flora Welch. They have three children Derek, Jessie, and Cody.
Derek Brandon Hahn, b. 28 Jul 1983
Jessie Lee Hahn, b. 30 Oct 1989
Cody Ryan Hahn, 14 Jun 1992.
Doreen Marguerite Penley, b. 23 Dec 1960, Takoma Park, MD. She married Christopher Quimby on 6 Oct 1985, in Silver Springs, MD. They had two children Sarah, and Kevin
Sarah Elizabeth Quimby
Kevin Thomas Quimby, b. 8 Apr 1988
Sandra Lee Penley, b. 19 Dec 1963, Takoma Park, MD she married Amir Goudarzi
Sharon Ann Penley, b. 14 Feb 1965, Takoma Park, MD
d. Pauline Marie Penley, b. 27 Nov 1934, Wickliffe, Lake Co., OH, d. 27 Nov 1934, Wickliffe, Lake Co., OH.
e. Kenneth Ray Penley, Sr., b. 13 May 1936, Chestnut Ridge, Jonesville, Lee Co., VA. He married (1)Judith Marie Adams on 15 Dec 1956 in Willoughby, Lake Co., OH, she was born 22 Mar 1935 and is the daughter of Frank Adams and Harriet Volk. Kenneth and Judith have one son, Kenneth Ray Penley, Jr. (2)Helen Sue Russell, b. 3 Nov 1947, they were married on 3 Nov 1977. She is the daughter of Earl Ray Russell and Fern Graham. No children to this union.
Kenneth Ray Penley, Jr., b. 7 Sep 1959, Painesville, Lake Co., OH, he married Lisa Diane Gregory on 5 Jul 1989 in Laguna, Orange Co., CA they have two children Jamie and Amber.
Jamie Hiatt-Penley, b. 19 Apr 1987
Amber Nichole Penley, b. 26 Dec 1990
f. Marilynn Jeanette Penley, b. 9 Mar 1939, Mentor, Lake Co., OH, she married Clarence Thomas Davis on 28 Jul 1957. He was born 26 Sep 1938 in Nelsonville, Athens Co., OH, he is the son of Clarence Madison Davis and Margaret Sufflebean. Marilyn and Clarence have four children Marilynn, Robert, Patricia and Lois.
Marilynn Jeannette Davis, b. 28 Oct 1958, Painesville, Lake Co., OH, she married Wayne Moses on 7 Feb 1977 in Cleveland, OH. Wayne was born 5 June 1952. They have two children Chad and Matthew.
Chad Anthony Moses, b. 5 Mar 1978
Matthew James Moses, b. 15 Jun 1979
Robert Thomas Davis, b. 18 Aug 1962 in Willoughby, Lake Co., OH, he married Elenore May Konicek on 11 Aug 1990, in Thompson, Geauga Co., OH. She was born 21 Jul 1964, she is the daughter of Benjamin George Konicek and Florence Irene Fisher. Robert and Elenore have two children Johanna and Rebecca.
Johanna Grace Davis, b. 7 Feb 1988
Rebecca LeeAnn Davis, b. 2 Dec 1992
Patricia Kaye Davis, b. 1 Oct 1964 in Willoughby, Lake Co., OH, she married Richard Hastilow on 15 Apr 1989 in Westerville, Franklin Co., OH. They have one child Nichole.
Nichole Elizabeth Davis-Hastilow, b. 7 Jul 1983
Lois Ann Davis, b. 6 Dec 1965 in Willoughby, Lake Co., OH, she married Brent Jeffery Ruth on 14 Jul 1985 in Akron, Summit Co., OH. Brent was born to Erwin Ruth and Eva Mae Resan on 2 Jul 1964. Lois and Brent have two sons Alexander and Andrew
Alexander Byron Ruth, b. 30 Nov 1990
Andrew Evan Ruth, b. 19 Nov 1992.
David Lawrence Penley, b. 13 Oct 1940 in Plainesville, Lake Co., OH, he married Cheila Jeanne Moye on 15 Jan 1960 in Fort Stewart, Georgia. Cheila was born to Eugene and Gloria Moye on 1 Nov 1941. The have four children Karyn, Cynthia, Loren, Cory.
Karyn Sue Penley, b. 12 Jan 1961, in Plainesville, Lake Co., OH, she married Thomas Carl Mino on 17 Jun 1989 in Ashtabula, Ashtabula Co., OH. Thomas was born to Eugene Michael Meno and Rosetta Margaret Jonas on 1 May 1956.
Cynthia Ann Penley, b. 29 Sep 1963 in Oak Cliff, Texas, d. 28 Sep 1983 in Cleveland, OH
Loren Curtis Penley, b. 26 Dec 1966 in Colorado Springs, CO, he married Trena Gale Inman on 18 May 1986 in Middleboro, KY. Trena was born on 7 May 1967 to Tex A. Inman and Shirley Ann Hammantree.
Cory Byron Penley, b. 27 Dec 1970 in Willoughby, Lake Co., OH.

iii. Lee Roy Penley, b. 1 Jun 1912, Horton, Brown Co., KS, d. 29 Sep 1912, Horton, Brown Co., KS. Lee Roy is buried in the Horton, Kansas Cemetery, he is in a marked grave next to his cousin Bonnie who was stillborn to Sam and Martha Penley. Bonnie’s grave is unmarked.

iv. Glen Francis Penley, b. 29 Apr 1914, Jonesville, Lee Co., Virginia, d. 4 Jan 1969 in Akron, Summit Co., OH, he married Agnes Blankenship on 13 May 1933 in Pennington Gap, Lee Co., VA. Agnes was b. 4 Dec 1911, d. 11 Oct 1981 in Mentor, Lake Co., OH, they have three daughters Gay, Eula and Frances
Gay Penley, b. 28 Mar 1930, She married Vernon Norman Conley on 2 Aug 1947. Vernon was born to Edgar Martin Conley and Leona Long on 1 May 1926. They have one child Karen.
Karen Sue Conley, b. 3 Apr 1948, she married Robin Covic on 2 Sep 1967. Robin was born 1 Oct 1947, they have one child Clinton.
Clinton Vernon Covic, b. 24 Mar 1969.
Eula Fae Penley, b. 11 Mar 1934, Pennington Gap, Lee Co., VA, she married (1)Donald Latessa, they had one son Donald. (2)Gilbert Lanasseur Jasmin, Jr.
Donald Anthony Latessa, b 23 Dec 1952 Cleveland, OH
Frances Louise Penley, b. 10 Aug 1941 Willoughby, Lake Co., OH, she married Werner Pieper 15 Jul 1967, he is the son of Kurt Pieper and Charlotte Keller

v. Lucille Malinda Penley, b. 30 Aug 1921, Jonesville, Lee Co., VA, d. 26 Sep 1986, Pryor, OK, she married (1) Lloyd Collins b. 29 Nov 1905, d. 2 Mar 1978 in Plainesville, Lake Co., OH. They have six children, Shirley, Pansy, Betty, Glen, James, Herbert. (2)Kelly Montgomery, Sr., they have 5 children Kelly, Daryle, Robert, Edward, Julia.
Shirley Jean Collins
Pansy Lee Collins
Betty Sue Collins, b. 23 Jan 1936, Jonesville, Lee Co., VA, d. 15 Jul 1943, Jonesville, Lee Co., VA.
Glen Wade Collins, b. 13 Nov 1937 Mentor, Lake Co., OH
James Buford Collins, b. 11 Aug 1942, Mentor, Lake Co., OH
Herbert Dallas Collins, b. 24 Apr 1945, Mentor, Lake Co., OH, he married Sandy Murphy. Sandy was born in Plainesville, Lake Co., OH, they had one son Christian Collins.
Kelly Montgomery, Jr.
Daryl Montgomery
Robert Dale Montgomery
Edward Montgomery
Julia Louise Montgomery, b. 14 Apr 1954.

III. James Samuel Harrison Penley aka Sam, b. 23 Apr 1889, Rose Hill, Lee Co., VA, d. 12 Oct 1961, New Lyme, OH, he married Martha Ann Edds 2 May 1909 in VA. She was born to John Roe Edds and Sarah Catherine Marcum on 28 Dec 1882 in Rose Hill, Lee Co., VA.

Source: Mae Penley-Walker and Helen Penley-Scherer, 3 October 1981.
Source: "Prairie Railroad Town," The Rock Island Railroad Shops at Horton, Kansas:
1887-1946, by I. E. Quastler, Copyright (C) 2003.

James Samuel Harrison Penley was born and raised in Rose Hill, Lee Co., Virginia. He married there and lived there. His two oldest daughters were born in Rose Hill. When times got tough in Rose Hill, he decided to move to Horton, Kansas where his older brother, John, had already gone with his family to work for the railroad shops. Sometime between 1912 and 1915 Sam moved with his family to Horton, Kansas to go to work for the CRI&P Railroad (Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway, later to become known as the Rock Island Railroad) as a laborer at the shops. Dad operated a band saw in the RIP Track department (Repair-In-Place) of the Rock Island Railroad Shops (also called the CRI & P Shops). Dad also worked at nights sometimes as an Engineer in the Boiler Room.

It was a common practice for many of the railroad workers to live on nearby farms as a matter for survival. It was a common occurrence for the railroad in Horton to have a slack period between Christmas and March or April and the workers were fortunate if they could get work at the shops two weeks out of the month and they augmented their income by farming and growing much of their own food by gardening and having their own fruit trees. Many raised their own farm stock which they would butcher for their winter meat supply.

We moved from Horton to four miles west of Horton on the Jake Winterschietz farm on Thanksgiving Day 1919, which was very near the Kickapoo Indian Reservation. It was a bitter cold day and it was snowing as Helen can remember being wrapped up in blankets to keep warm and stopping by the Tony Ketter farm on their way out to warm up. The Ketter’s became wonderful neighbor’s. Jake lived in Horton and Dad leased the farm from him on shares with each getting a portion of the crops that were harvested. We three girls attended the grade school on the Kickapoo Reservation where the teacher's children and we were the only white children in the school of about fifty students.

It was on this farm that, LaRue Cadue, an Indian friend of Dad's, whom he hired to work on the farm from time to time, saved my mother's life. One day mother was coming out of the house and LaRue yelled at her to stop and don't move. He then ran to the barn and fetched a hoe and went up to the steps of the porch and pulled out a coiled rattlesnake and commenced to kill it with the hoe.

While on this farm, Sam had built a bridge across the creek. One day a very heavy rain came up and threatened the destruction of the bridge because of logs and brush jamming up under the bridge. Sam tried to clear the logs and brush away and was knocked into the flooded creek. He was knocked under by a log and was struggling desperately to stay above water when Mae, Ethel and Helen all formed a lifeline with Mae in the creek, Ethel in the middle and Helen on the creek bank. Mae grabbed her Dad by the arm and the three girls struggled and pulled Sam from the flooded creek. We lived at the Winterschietz place for three years. Then in October or November of 1922, Dad hired Uncle Jim Pace to husk corn for him as he was on strike at the Rock Island Shops.

"In 1922 and 1923, the community was badly frayed by a national railroad strike and its repercussions. On July 1 of 1922, 546 shop workers belonging to the six federated shop crafts, the machinists, boilermakers, carmen, sheet metal workers, blacksmiths, and electricians, walked off their jobs. They were protesting, among other things, the railroads' practice of "farming out" work, the federal Railroad Labor Board's approval of a wage reduction, and the end of overtime pay on Sundays and holidays. The railroads said they were in financial trouble and needed the changes. Nationally, 11,000 shop craft employees left their jobs over these issues. In Horton, all but a few workers joined the strike." ...Prairie Railroad Town.

Dad's lease was up on the 15th of March the following year so Jake took sealed bids and he opened them the day before they was supposed to have been. He claimed Nevins was the lowest bid but Dad always said Jake was a crook over the deal. We moved from the Winterschietz farm on March 15, 1922 when June (Virginia) was only six days old (June was born 9 March 1922). That spring mom took araciplis.

In 1928 times got tough in Kansas and Sam moved his family to Wickliff, Ohio to work for a brick making company there taking the brick in and out of the ovens. A year later and things had gotten hard in Ohio and Sam decided to move his family back to Kansas.

Sam returned to farming in Whiting, Kansas on the Conklin farm in the Mt. Pleasant District. Mr. Conklin lived in Whiting. They remained in Whiting until February 17, 1937 when Sam returned to Ohio again for work. Things were again hard in Kansas the dust bowl years had taken its toll. Mae, Ethel and Grant with their families had already left for Ohio and June was still single and living at home with her parents. Sam stayed behind for a little while trying to persuade his daughter Helen and her new husband Ted Scherer to go to Ohio also. Ted had his mind made up that he wasn't going there because he already had a job managing the Cold Storage plant in Nortonville and all of his family was here in Kansas. Sam gave up trying to convince Ted to go to Ohio and he went to Ohio leaving Helen here alone except for her younger sister, Bonnie, who was buried in the Horton Cemetery, and her grandaunt, Julia Harris, who lived in Horton at the time. Julia Harris was Sam's aunt. Sam and Martha settled in New Lyme, Ohio and lived there until Martha's death on October 11, 1947.

After Martha's death Sam sold the house in New Lyme, Ohio and moved to Jefferson, Ohio where he bought another home. There he married his second wife Elsie. Elsie was not a pleasant person and she didn't get along with any of the Penley's. When Sam's cancer came back on him after five years Elsie took off and left Sam behind alone to fend for himself. It was Sam's children who took care of him in those final days …not his wife. Sam died October 12, 1961, in Jefferson, Ohio. Sam and Martha are both buried in the Brownsville Cemetery in New Lyme, OH. Sam and Martha had six children, Mae, Ethel, Helen, Bonnie, Grant, Virginia.

Starting from Martha Edds Penley CW holding Virginia “June”,
Mae, Ethel, Grant and Helen
(Photo taken circa 1923)

Heston Anna Mae Penley aka “Mae”, b. 10 Feb 1910 Rose Hill, Lee Co., VA, d. 17 Oct 1996 Geneva, Ashtabula Co., OH. She married Ernest Bishop Walker aka “Shorty.” They were married 23 Apr 1930 in Wickliffe, Ohio. Ernest was born to Ruford and Verna Walker on 17 Jul 1902 in Whitehorse, OK, d. 9 Apr 1983 in Geneva, Ashtabula Co., OH. They had two children Allen and Marvin.
Allen Riley Walker, b 20 Sep 1931 Horton, Brown Co., KS he Married Cora Jane Grenter 1 Jul 1972 in Perry Lake Co., OH, she is the daughter of Arthur Theodore Grenter and Levina Miller. No children born to this union.
Marvin Bishop Walker aka “Mar B.”, b. 18 Dec 1935 Horton, Brown Co., KS, d. 23 Feb 1953, Ashtabula, OH.
Sarah Jane Ethel Penley aka “Ethel”, b. 18 Oct 1912 in Rose Hill, Lee Co., VA, d. 23 Oct 1993 in Andover, OH. She married (1)James Elmer Clark aka “Elmer”, 25 May 1934 in Horton, Brown Co., KS. Elmer was born to Bolivar Lewis Clark and Viola Susan Hiatt on 26 Oct 1907 in Horton, Brown Co., Kansas they had two children Donna and Vernon, (2)Dale Everett Arnold on 24 Sep 1949 in Burton, OH, d. about 1998 in Burton, OH
Donna Lee Clark, b. 09 Oct 1935, Atchison, Atchison Co., KS, d. 14 Nov 1975 Windsor, Ashtabula Co., OH she married Gerald Lee Ross 20 Oct 1956, Hartsgrove, Ashtabula Co., OH d. 14 Nov 1975. Donna and Gerald died in an automobile accident. They had one daughter, Renee, who was not in the accident and was raised by her grandmother and uncle Vernon’s family.
Renee Lee Ross, b. 26 Aug 1969 in Ohio.
Vernon Dale Clark, b. 30 Jun 1938, Painesville, Lake Co., OH, he married Marilyn Browning 10 May 1962 in Eagleville, OH. She was born to Clarence Browning and Esther King on 3 May 1942 in Morgan, OH, they have three children Cindy, Robert and Cheryl.
Cindy Lee Clark, b. 20 Apr 1963, Ashtabula, OH
Robert James Clark, b. 4 Apr 1964, Ashtabula, OH, he married Loretta Novak on 30 Jun 1985, in Geneva, OH, she is the daughter of Paul J. Novak, they have two children Stephanie and Daniel.
Stephanie Clark, b 4 Sep 1990, Heidelburg, Germany
Daniel Clark, b. 22 Apr 1992 in Alexandria, VA
Cheryl Lynn Clark, b. 7 May 1970, Ashtabula, OH
Helen Lee Lucille Penley, b. 8 Jun 1916, Horton, Brown Co., KS, d. 2 Nov 1992, Winchester, Jefferson Co., KS, she married Theodore Francis Scherer aka Ted on 5 Jan 1937, Effingham, Atchison Co., KS, he was born to Emil Valentin Scherer, Sr., and Anna Marie Louise Roloff on 5 Jan 1901 in Atchison Co., KS. They had six boys Carl, Norman, Richard, Ronald, Leo, and Gary.
Carl Francis Scherer, b. 9 Sep 1937, Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS, d. 16 Dec 2006, Atchison, KS, he married (1)Patricia Ann Robertson aka Pat, 16 Jan 1961 in Nortonville, Jefferson Co., KS. She was born to Lee William Robertson and Irene Pemberton on 11 Jul 1941, Winchester, Jefferson Co., KS, they had two boys David and Kevin. (2)Donna Marie Cochran on 10 May 1975, Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA, she was born to William Henry Cochran and Elizabeth Sidonie Krohn on 13 Oct 1948, Torrance, Los Angeles Co., CA. Carl adopted the daughter of Donna’s, Elizabeth after their marriage.
David Wayne Scherer aka Wayne, b. 1 May 1963, Torrance, CA he married Margaret Ann Vargo aka Margie on 19 May 1984 in Orlando, FL, she was born to Joseph Charles Vargo and MaryAnn Blanche Purchis on 30 Nov 1961 in Lansing, Michigan. They have three boys Andrew, Jacob, and Lukas.
Andrew Joseph Scherer aka A.J., b. 25 Nov 1984 in Jacksonville, FL
Jacob David Scherer aka Jake, b. 3 Jul 1988, Dunoon, Scotland
Lukas Michael Scherer aka Luke, b. 4 Jan 1991, Great Lakes, IL
Kevin Lee Scherer, b. 25 Nov 1968, Torrance, CA he married (1)Jennifer Jo Chockley on 31 Oct 1991 in Oak Harbor, WA she was born to Roger Chockley and Leeta Steinmetz on 29 Jun 1973 in Winchester, KS. No children were born to this union (2)Barbara Jo Bishop on 14 Jul 1997 she was born to Frank Bishop and Ellen Eusticeon 4 Feb 1977 in Red Oak, IA. They had one child Kirsten. Kirsten Scherer, b. Abt 1998 in Oak Harbor, WA Kevin is partnered with (3)Charity Ann Miller in since 1999, she was born to John Warden Miller and Barbara Jane Weber on 30 Jan 1977 they have one daughter Geneva.
Geneva LeeAnn Scherer, b. 22 Jul 2000, in Mt. Vernon, WA
Elizabeth Marie Scherer aka Beth, b. 13 Feb 1972, Torrance, CA, Beth had one daughter, Rebecca, by Dennis Cota
Rebecca Lynn Scherer, b. 9 Dec 1986, Torrance, CA. She has one son Caiden Carl Scherer, b. 6 Jan 2007 in Atchison, KS
Beth married (1)James Duhan on 8 Jun 1991 in Long Beach, CA, he was born 15 Mar 1966 in Torrance, CA, they had one son James.

James William Duhan, b. 2 May 1992, Torrance, CA
Norman Bernard Scherer, b. 26 Sep 1938, Nortonville, KS, d. 31 Aug 2003, St. Joseph, MO, he married Nancy Jean King 8 Jun 1961 in Nortonville, KS. She was born to Harold King and Myrtle Meyer on 9 Nov 1942 in Nortonville, KS, they had two sons Allan and Scott.
Allan Robert Scherer, b. 23 May 1962 in Winchester, KS, he married (1)Amy Maureen Oswalt on 8 Sep 1984 in Atchison, KS. Amy was born to Emmett Kellmer Oswalt and Mary Patricia KcKee on 20 Nov 1964. They have four daughters Nichole, Natalie, Samantha and Mallory. (2)Jeanne Kae Oswald on 15 Dec 1996 in Effingham, Atchison Co., KS she was born to Paul Oswald and Patricia Weidmaier on 6 Feb 1969 in Horton, KS, they had one son Quinton. (3)Patricia Traffanstedt on 27 May 2001 in Conway, AR she was born to Robert Traffanstedt and Virginia Risner on 15 Aug 1966 in Morrilton, AR, they have one daughter Hannah.
Nichole Marie Scherer, b. 2 Dec 1985, Atchison, KS. She has one daughter Breanna Nicole Scherer b. 1 Jun 2002, in Kansas City, KS
Natalie Lynn Scherer, b. 20 Aug 1987, Atchison, KS, she married Chris Bramble they have two children Austin and Allison.
Austin Christopher Scherer, b. 19 Apr 2004, St. Joseph, MO
Allison Marie Bramble, b. 21 Sep 2005, St. Joseph, MO.
Samantha Jo Scherer, b. 11 Apr 1993, Atchison, KS
Mallory Ann Scherer, b. 5 Mar 1995, Kansas City, KS
Quinton Scherer, b. 21 Dec 1997, St. Joseph, MO
Hannah Marie Scherer, b. 13 Nov 2001, Conway, AR
Scott Anthony Scherer, b. 25 Sep 1964, Hiawatha, Brown Co., KS, he married (1)Denene Rena Dale on 14 Apr 1984, in Atchison, KS, she was born to Logan Francis Dale and Geraldine May Pearson on 17 Dec 1964 in Woodriver, IL., they had one son Jeramie (2)Angela Jane Rush on 8 May 1993 in Troy, Doniphan Co., KS, she was born to James A. Rush and Deborah L. Largadere on 24 Jan 1968, in St. Joseph, MO. They have two children Justin and Cassandra.
Jeramie Scott Scherer, b. 10 Apr 1989, Atchison, KS
Justin Scott Scherer, b. 21 Sep 1994, Atchison, KS
Cassandra Jean Scherer, b. 19 Jun 1997, Atchison, KS
Richard Wayne Scherer aka Rich, b. 31 May 1942, Atchison, KS he married Dorothy Louise Eckart 7 Nov 1964, in Atchison, KS, she was born to Clarence Richard Eckart and Annabelle Lucy Rouse on 20 Jun 1943, in Atchison, KS, they have four children Kimberly, Carol, Richard, and Suzanne.
Kimberly Ann Scherer, b 5 Oct 1965 in Gardena, Los Angeles Co., CA, she married John Stephen Dessens 18 Jun 1988, in Las Vegas, NV. John was born to Johannes J. Dessens, Jr. and Ruth C. Roppel on 5 Nov 1960 in Newport Beach, CA, they have two daughters Michelle and Jessica.
Michelle Alyse Dessens, b. 29 Jan 1989, Fountain Valley, Orange Co., CA.
Jessica Nicole Dessens, b. 24 May 1993, Fountain Valley, Orange Co., CA.
Carol Elizabeth Scherer, b. 19 Jun 1968, Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA., she married Christopher David Williams on 1 Jan 1992, in Las Vegas, NV. He was born 11 May 1970, Newport Beach, CA. They are divorced.
Richard Michael Scherer aka Mike, b. 28 Aug 1969, Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA.
Suzanne Noel Scherer aka Suzy, b. 19 Mar 1971, Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA, she married (1)Martin Richard Kerfoot on 22 May 1992 in Santa Ana, Orange Co., CA, he was born 15 Jun 1965 in Tucson, AZ. No children to this union, they are divorced. She partnered with (2)Matthew Gene Cook he was born to Gene and Marge Cook on 18 Jul 1975 in Wisconsin, they have one son Riley.
Riley Jacob Scherer, b. 25 May 1996, Anaheim, Orange Co., CA
Ronald Martin Scherer, b. 8 Oct 1944, Nortonville, Jefferson Co., KS he married Linda Kathleen Fry on 12 Aug 1967 in Kansas City, MO, she was born to Robert Lowell Fry and Margaret Mary McClarnan on 3 May 1949 in Fort Scott, Bourbon Co., KS. There are no children to this union.
Leo Charles Scherer, b. 18 Apr 1948 in Nortonville, KS he married Cindy Mae Bonnel on 2 Sep 1967 in Nortonville, KS, she was born to Sid Lassen Bonnel and Deloris Adeline Clem on 22 Jun 1949, Atchison, KS. They have two sons Leo Jr., and Stephen.
Leo Charles Scherer, Jr. aka Lee, b. 7 Aug 1968, Winchester, KS, he married Heather Ann Donaldson on 20 Apr 1996, in Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS. She was born to Dan Donaldson and Chearie Wanke on 11 Nov 1968 in Topeka, KS, They have two daughters:
Kyra Anne Scherer, b. 22 Aug 1999, Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS
Melina Irma Scherer, b. 21 Sep 2003, Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS
Stephen James Scherer, 29 Nov 1970, Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS, he married Kimberly Ann Alderson 4 Jan 1997, in Shawnee, Ks. She was born to Ralph Alderson and Deborah Arnold on 18 Mar 1975 in Kansas City, MO. They have two daughters:
Bailey Bryn Scherer, b. 20 Nov 1999, in Austin, TX
Avery Nicole Scherer, b. 20 Jan 2004, in Austin, TX
Gary Thomas Scherer, b. 29 Oct 1951, Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co., KS, d. 8 Feb 2002, Atchison, Kansas in an industrial accident.
(1) married DeAnn Louise Torbett 5 Jul 1975, in Nortonville, KS. They had one son:
Thomas Gary Scherer, b. 19 Jul 1976, in Atchison, KS
(2) married Dorothy Thomas, 8 Jul 1980, Atchison, KS. There were no children to this union
(3) married Stacy Lee Clark, 5 May 1990, Atchison, KS. They had four children:
Michael Stephen Scherer, b. 26 Nov 1989, Atchison, KS
Deborah Nichole Scherer, b. 19 Nov 1990, Atchison, KS
Nicholas Wayne Scherer, b. 13 Jul 1995, Atchison, KS
Jonathan Matthew Scherer, 5 Aug 1998, Atchison, KS
Bonnie Penley, b. 11 Jun 1919, Horton, Brown Co., KS, (stillborn). Bonnie is buried in the Horton Cemeter next to her cousin Roy Lee Penley who also died as an infant. Money was tight and Bonnie’s father Sam could not afford a grave or a head stone. Sam’s brother John gave him the plot next to and south of his son Roy Lee Penley’s grave. Bonnie’s grave is not marked but Roy Lee’s is with his father’s initials on the lower left of the stone JEP (John Evans Penley).
Grant Linden Penley, b. 11 Jun 1919, Horton, Brown Co., KS, he married Phyllis Claire Meyer on 15 Sep 1945, in Detroit, MI. They have two children:
Nancy Claire Penley, b. 29 Jul 1950, Cleveland, OH, she married Robert Patrick McCabe, Sr. 26 Jun 1971, Wickliffe, OH, he was the son of James McCabe. They have three children:
Robert Patrick McCabe, Jr., b. 25 Feb 1973, Willoughby, OH
James Grant McCabe, b. 14 Jun 1976, Willoughby, OH
Amanda Marie McCabe, 11 Oct 1979, Willoughby, OH
Thomas Grant Penley, b. 25 Feb 1961, Cleveland, OH, he married Colleen Nelson 24 Aug 1985 in North Hollywood, CA, she was born 1 Apr 1962. They have two children:
Stephanie Marie Penley, b. 22 Sep 1988, Los Angeles Co., CA
Kristine Lynn Penley, b. 6 Dec 1990, Los Angeles Co., CA
Virginia Loree Penley aka June, b. 9 Mar 1922, Horton, Brown Co., KS, she married Glenn Elvin Clark 24 Dec 1941 in Wickliffe, Lake Co., OH, he was born to Bolivar Lewis Clark and Viola Susan Hiatt on 4 Sep 1920, Horton, Brown Co., KS, they have two children, Norma and Duane.
Norma Jean Clark, b. 1 Aug 1945, Cleveland, Cuyhoga Co., OH
Duane Edward Clark, b. 22 Oct 1946, Ashtabula, Ashtabula Co., OH, he married Judith Ann Frazier 21 Jun 1969, in Ashtabula, OH, they had three children Wayne, Jennifer and Amy.
Wayne Edward Clark, b. 26 Mar 1970, Ashtabula, OH, he married Dani Kaye Singleton, 23 Sep 1992 in Jefferson, Ashtabula Co., OH, they had one son.
Dylan Anthony Austin Clark, b 28 May 1993
Jennifer Lynn Clark, b. 22 Jun 1971, Ashtabula, OH, she married
(1)Michael James Eaton, they had one child:
Emily Ann Eaton, b. 10 Sep 1991
(2)Robert Jason Turner, 18 Sep 1993, he was born 9 Nov 1968 in Buffalo, NY.
Amy Loree Clark, b. 21 May 1973, Ashtabula, OH, she married Jeffry Shane Herter 10 Aug 1991 in Kingsville, Ashtabula Co., OH, he was born 7 Mar 1973, they have three children:
Ashley Lynn Clark-Herter, 2 Mar 1990, Ashtabula, OH.
Zachary Clark-Herter, b. Abt. 1992, Ashtabula, OH
Shane Clark-Herter, b. Abt. 1994, Ashtabula, OH
Francis Marion Penley, b. 6 Jan 1892, in Rose Hill, Lee Co., VA, d. 17 Apr 1977 in Dover, OH, he married Julia Jesse Turner, b. 1893, Lee Co., VA. The had four children Gerald, Vivian, DeLos and Florine.
Gerald H. Penley, b. 14 Oct 1915, in Horton, Brown Co., KS, he married,
(1) Ruth Louise Braddock, 17 Sep 1939 in San Diego, CA, they had one child:
Mary Jean Penley, b. 25 Feb 1942, she married Charles Mathis, they had one child details unknown.
(2) Dorothy June Fiechter on 23 Sep 1950, they have four children;
Sheila Ann Penley, b. 25 Sep 1950
Lisa Marie Penley, 8 Jan 1957
Brian Lee Penley, b. 9 Sep 1959
Laura Ann Penley, b. 28 Jan 1961
Vivian I. Penley, b. 5 Mar 1918, Horton, Brown Co., KS, she married Orrin Eugene Bose, Sr., on 14 Feb 1936. They had three Children Orrin Jr., Gloria and Kathy.
Orrin Eugene Bose, Jr., b. 14 Nov 1936, he married Eileen Mae Barthel on 16 Mar 1957, they have three children:
Cheryl Bose, b. 30 Sep 1957
Kimberly Bose, b. 19 Jan 1960
Holli Bose, b. 30 Mar 1961
Gloria Charleen Bose, b. 13 Jan 1939, she married Thomas Haren on 11 oct 1958, they have four children:
Gregory Haren, b. 20 Jan 1960
Raymond Haren, b. 24 Mar 1961
Gary Haren, b. 24 Sep 1963
Nancy Haren, b. 18 May 1965
Kathy Lynn Bose, b. 16 Mar 1950, she married Michael L. Paris.
DeLos H. Penley, b. 1920 in Horton, Brown Co., KS, he married Sadie Kresovich on 30 Apr 1955, they had one child:
Cynthia Lynn Penley, b. 9 Feb 1956, She married Michael Hecker on 15 Sep ????.
Florine Penley, b. 3 Oct 1921, in Horton, Brown Co., KS, she married:
(1)William Blattman, Sr., on 12 Aug 1944, he was born in 1916, they have three children:
Larry Blattman, 15 Apr 1945.
William Blattman, Jr., aka Billy b. 12 Jul 1950.
Jamie Blattman, b. 2 Feb 1961.
(2)Donald McClellan.

Minnie Anne Penley, b. 14 Mar 1893, in Rose Hill, Lee Co., VA, d. 6 May 1983, in Kirtland, Lake Co., OH, she married William R. Crumb abt 1909, he was born 22 Jul 1883, in Marysville, KY, d. 3 Feb 1962 in Kirtland, Lake Co., OH. They had two children:
Fred A. Crumb, b. 19 Jun 1912

Eugene H. Crumb, b. Abt 1914, he was married twice and one of the wives name was Alice.
Doshia Ethel Penley, b. 26 Nov 1897 in Rose Hill, Lee Co., VA, d. 10 Jan 2003, in Los Vegas, NV (105 years), she married James C. Pace 1 Dec 1917, he was born to Isaac S. Pace and Charlott Jane Farmer on 30 Sep 1897, in Rose Hill, Lee Co., VA, they had one son:
Cleatus Gail Pace, b. 1 Jul 1923, in Horton, Brown Co., KS, he married Sara Irene Gibson aka Irene on 5 Mar 1946. Irene was born on 24 Oct 1925 in Kansas, d. Jun 1990 in Boulder City, NV, they had no children. After serving in WWII he married Irene and they settled in the Los Angeles area where Cletus became a mortician and owned his own mortuary. He later sold his mortuary and went to work for the Los Angeles Co., Coroner's Office and worked there many years before retirening to Nevada. He was working the evening shift when he got the call to go and pick up the body of Marilyn Monroe. It was close to the end of his shift and he tried to have someone else pick her up but he couldn’t. So, every year around the anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death, news broadcasts usually show Cleatus taking Marilyn on a gourney to the vehicle to be transported to the Coriners Office in Los Angeles.
William Milo Penley, aka Mike, b. 18 Oct 1898, Rose Hill, Lee Co., VA, he married Flossie Lilly, she was born 1898 in Oklahoma, they had two children Ruth and Mildred.
Ruth Argetta Penley, b. 10 may 1920, in Horton, KS d. 3 Mar 1971 in Brewster, OH, she married Clarence Moore they had two children:
Pamala Jean Moore, b. 16 Jun 1941 in Massillon, OH, she married Terry L. Smith on 7 Mar 1964.
Cary Dennis Moore, b. 9 mar 1964, in Massillon, OH
Mildred Hattie Penley, b. 1925, in Ohio.

6. John M. Penley, born 1862, Estill Co., Kentucky. John married Martha E. Parsons, she was born Dec 1877, in Kentucky.

7. James J. Penley, born 1868, Wolfe Co., Kentucky, died 23 Aug 1889, Lee Co., Virginia

8. Louisa Patience Penley aka Pacea, born 1872, Crab Orchard, Lee Co., Virginia. Louisa married, E. Alexander Burke, they had three children: George, Eliza and Otis, details unknown.

9. Alfred Monroe Penley, born 14 Jun 1874, Wolfe Co., Kentucky, died 02 Jun 1952, Lee Co., Virginia. Alfred married:
(1)Martha E. Parsons, b. Dec 1877 in Kentucky, they had one daughter:
Lucrita Penley, b. Dec 1895, in Virginia
(2)Rosie, details unknown.
(3)Mary R. Cornett 30 Dec. 1893, in Lee Co., Virginia. They had two children:
Chaney Penley, b. Abt 1895, and she married a man by the name of Woodard., they had two children:
Kenny Woodard, he had one daughter Katherine, details unknown.
Katherine Woodard, married a man by the name of Bernard, details unknown.